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6 Ways to Run Your Career Like a Billionaire CEO

The secret to professional development is taking control of the direction of your career. Learn from these billionaire CEOs

By | Doug McCullough | Brooke Medina |

Whether you’re a young graduate just starting your career or someone who is feeling the vocational version of the “Seven Year Itch,” the secret to professional development is taking control of the direction of your career. Many  have been taught to ask for permission and seek guidance at every turn. At times this is understandable because young professionals have much to learn. But, it is easy to misapply this lesson and end up feeling a lack of control over your own career.

Professional success starts with being the CEO of your own career. , the visionary who took McDonald’s restaurants from seven small locations to the global chain it is today, once said, “The quality of a leader is reflected in the standards they set for themselves.”

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If you aspire to be an entrepreneur, approaching your own career like an executive will help you prepare for your eventual launch. Here are six ways you can become the CEO of your career, and work as billionaires do.

 will demand you make tough calls from time to time. An executive must make decisions based on the best available information at the time, which means there will sometimes be incomplete data.

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