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6 ways to support employee well-being amid Covid-19 era

Here is how companies and employers can support their employees and help them maintain their mental and physical health amid the Covid-19 pandemic

Source | | India Today Web Desk

Covid-19 has brought the importance of health- both physical and mental- to the center stage of the corporate agenda. It exacerbated the employees’ feelings of anxieties, fears, and depression brought mental health issues to the fore, and highlighted the insufficiency of our present employee assistance and benefits systems.

According to a global study by Mind Share Partners in association with SAP and Qualtrics, 42 per cent of employees have reported a decline in their mental health since the pandemic began.

It’s one of the hard-learned lessons from the pandemic that we need to bolster our health infrastructure, discuss more mental health issues in public and open forums, and pivot our employee engagement strategies towards health initiatives and support- one that is sustained as we slowly move away from the pandemic and recover.

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