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Drivers Of Leadership Success

By Chandramowly
Hiring for academic skills’ has become an old adage. The crusade now is to hire right people with right behavior. Since excellence is always confined to few, it is a big challenge to find ou,t who is effective and who is not. Organisations observe the superior performers and achievers to understand how they perceive, behave and act upon challenges. That brings out the indicators of competencies.
Long term Job success and uninterrupted performance excellence doesn’t result without right motives and values of the ‘underlying characteristics’. Some people are more effective than others. Competency is the key factor that distinguishes success and failure or superior performance and average performance. The same is true with organisations as well. Most organisations have great plans and strategies and the research shows that over 70% of the reason for Organisational failure is not deficiency of strategy or technical know- how, but it is lack of competencies to implement strategies, to execute goals.
A research was conducted by CCL (Centre for Creative Leadership) by surveying senior managers and Leaders, to know what drives leadership success. There were four findings: Strategic Management, Personal Character, Process Management and People Management. The research found that the degree of responses was: 13%, 35%, 12% and 49% respectively, projecting Personal Character and People Management as the prime movers. Competency is not performance. Competency is that which brings out performance. Workmen can not perform to standards without competencies. But competencies stated cannot guarantee that workers will perform adequately. Zero defect production run is not a competency. It is the result of manufacturing process. The competency of operational expertise must be used to achieve zero-defect. A Competency has cause and effect relationship with results and it should not be confused as process output.
Let us analyse a case of a competency of a Marketing executive.
1. He has the market knowledge and understands the pricing dynamics. (Knowledge)
2.He sets up a product introduction project (Skill)
3.He Meets all the commitments in timely manner (Attitude)
However, the results indicate the project failure. Why? The combination of the above three aspects are
not competencies. To display behaviour of competency he must
1.Use the understanding of market pricing dynamics to develop suitable prising models (applicationof knowledge)
2.Position a new product introduction so that it is clearly differentiated in the market (Application of Skill)
3.Acts in full understanding of human behaviour and expectations. Manages emotion of self and others valuing individual differences and achieves committed goals. (Application of Attitude)
Sumantra Ghoshal once said, ‘Generally we have great strategies but lack competencies to implement the strategies. You can not implement III Generation strategies for II Generation Organisation with I Generation Mindset’.


M. R. Chandramowly is a MRCTrainer and HR Solutions Facilitator. A Graduate in Science and a Post Graduate in Literature/Anthropology he has received course graduation from Covey Leadership, Competency Management Accreditation from SMR Inc, VOICES Certification from Lominger Inc, ‘Human Values’ from IIM Calcutta and ‘Silva Mind control’ from Australian Business Programs. Mowly, with 25 years of HR professional experience worked with organizations like MICO Bosch, PSI-Bull. and took to HR training and consulting after his last assignment as Corporate VP – HR for Praxair Group in India. An active contributor in the area of Leadership Competencies and HR Education. Mowly has trained executives of several organizations and published articles, presented theme papers in national and international HR conferences.

A visiting faculty teaching Business Ethics for Post Graduate HR, Mowly served as secretary of National HRD Network and facilitated HR workshops for National Institute of Personnel Management and Bangalore HR Summit. He is working on synthesizing eastern wisdom with western leadership competencies developing a learning module ‘Value Based Competencies’. The author is an HR Expert and can be reached at

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