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7 Awesome Hacks You Can Use To Manage Your Freelance Work

By | Charlotte Lin 

Working hard and often tirelessly to achieve your goals is a great idea, but working smartly is equally vital. Once you start working smartly, you can effectively reduce your efforts in work while still boosting your productivity. It will help you to increase your work inflow and is a great way to manage your career, primarily if you work as a freelancer.  

Whether you work as a freelance content writer, are presently working on an article for the Amazing Escapes Atlanta, or as a freelance tutor, managing your work is vital. You do not have to answer to anyone but yourself as a freelancer. However, it is only when you monitor and manage all your tasks proficiently that you can truly realize the advantages of freelance work!  

You do not need to go through numerous books or journals to understand the critical ways of managing your freelance work efficiently, for this article is here to help you. This article has compiled seven effective hacks you can work on to manage your freelance work judiciously. So, check it out now: 

  • Maintain a schedule for your work 

When it comes to freelancing work, you can experience an almost immeasurable level of flexibility. However, it is nevertheless crucial for you to set up your schedule. Making your schedule and ensuring that you adhere to it will allow you to prevent any unnecessary hassle at work and help you to manage your work efficiently.  

While you design a schedule for your work, check that you never keep any other task during your working hours. Ensure that your working hours are never compromised due to an errand you have to run. You can always stay in separate time slots in your schedule to check your emails, read a book, or maybe even swipe across your social media accounts.  

Given that you are already making a schedule, it is only natural that you will have deadlines you need to ask. However, in case one of your clients does not give you a particular deadline to adhere to, you can always make up a deadline for yourself. This way, making your schedule and following it to a T will allow you to remain ahead in your work and manage everything efficiently!  

  • Utilizing different shortcuts  

Shortcuts can be an effective way to strategize your freelance work efficiently. You can pin all your essential or frequently used icons to the taskbar. This way, you can quickly access them anytime you want, without spending excessive time simply looking for them! 

You may also have a couple of websites that you may be visiting almost regularly for your work. Bookmark these websites on your Google Chrome browser or create a shortcut. In this way, you can easily access these websites in a hassle-free manner! Learning about the different keyboard shortcuts is also an effective strategy to boost your overall performance.  

  • Demarcate your priorities 

Knowing your priorities is an essential aspect both in your personal life and in your work. You may often have a pile of work you need to complete as a freelancer. Under such circumstances, it becomes essential for you to know which of your tasks have a higher priority than the rest. Since each homework has come from different clients, they will naturally have a chronological order of deadlines. 

Hence, you need to underline the deadlines of each of your tasks and work on your tasks according to their priority level. You can even take the help of the different scheduling tools available today to restrict the priorities of each of your studies.  

  • Know an approximate time estimate for your tasks 

We are often unsure how much time we will need to complete a particular task. Consequently, we spend spare time completing the job and are left with far less time to attend to the rest of the functions! It is at this juncture that the fudge ratio will come of help to you. 

Put in simple words; the fudge ratio will allow you to find out an approximate time estimate that you may need to complete a particular task. Once you have figured out your job’s fudge ratio, you can work on completing that task within the specified time constraints. This way, you can now adhere to all your deadlines and work efficiently as a freelancer! 

  • Remove all distractions  

As a freelancer, it is pretty natural to get distracted easily. Especially for those who are working from home, distractions may become a commonplace affair. There may be people talking loudly in your home or any other outside noise that can distract you from work and lower your productivity.  

Hence, getting rid of your distractions is essential to realizing your utmost potential. You can do this by plugging in your headphones or earphones while working from home. You can also work in a separate room with closed doors to prevent anyone from barging in and disturbing you. You can also put your cell phone on priority mode so that you will receive calls and notifications from only a few selected people.  

  • Know the ways to rejuvenate your spirits 

Working tirelessly from morning to night will make you exhausted before long. Hence, finding a few practical ways to rejuvenate your senses after a long work day is essential. Different people have different ways of reenergizing themselves. While some like to listen to music, some want to read a book, or some may even enjoy spending time with their family to rejuvenate their senses. 

Ensure that you always take at least a short break after completing each task. During these breaks, you can do anything you like to rejuvenate yourself for the next job. This way, you can always refill your energy level and stay motivated for work. 

  • Know the vitality of socializing 

Socializing is a vital factor when it comes to managing your freelance work effectively. You must always squeeze out some time from your busy schedule to mix with the people around you. Socializing will help you get your mind off the hectic work pressure. It will also help you to know new people with whom you may even share a few common interests! 

You can utilize these seven awesome hacks to manage your freelance work more effectively than ever before. Assess your needs and start incorporating these hacks to streamline your work proficiently!  

Author Bio:

Charlotte Lin is a content creator at She’s a passionate young woman, mother to an amazing nine-year-old, and an avid reader. Over the years, writing has helped her explore and understand the world as well as her own self. She loves to travel, meet new people, and spend quality time with her daughter. You can find her on LinkedIn.

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