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7 Bad Habits of Highly Ineffective Leaders

Source | Youtube : Kaplan Singapore

We have all heard of what are the qualities that make up good leaders and managers. You have also probably encountered bad habits that some leaders may have. A big part of making the shift from an ineffective leader to an effective one is knowing when you are indulging in those bad habits that are affecting your leadership effectiveness!

So If you are leading and managing a team, and find yourself guilty of these habits, seek help now and check out the Leadership and People Management Workforce Skills Qualifications programmes (LPM WSQ):…

The LPM WSQ framework is designed to chart corporate leadership capabilities and shape a road map for leadership development for business leaders and managers in Singapore, thus contributing to sustaining our national competitiveness into the future.

About Kaplan Professional:
Kaplan Professional (, a department of Kaplan Learning Institute, takes on a new dimension in professional learning and development that supports organisations and individuals in their quest for excellence. We are poised to offer you first class learning experience. No less.


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