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7 body language clues to watch out for

Your gestures and postures say more about you than words. To be successful in business, you must know how to make an excellent impression

By | Holly Elliat |

Body language and non-verbal communication can have a major impact on your professional life, as well as creating or breaking a deal, a business relationship, and even your financial success. “In business, one of the most important things is the impression you make on people,” says Eliot Hoppe, author and body language expert.

Body language includes body movements, facial expressions and gestures, as well as tone of voice. Take note of Hoppe’s tips to optimize your probability of success:

1) Posture: People make assumptions about others in the first four seconds, says Hoppe. “In business you have to remember that when you walk into a room, people have already made a decision about you before you sit down.”

To ensure that you go to a business meeting with equals, you must have good posture. “Stand up straight and have a brisk walk, as you want to show your desire to be there and your confidence in yourself,” says Hoppe.

2) Handshake: Physical contact is an essential part of body language, so doing it wrong could lead to rejection, while doing it right can be the first step to a successful business transaction.

“In most parts of the world, a business handshake is the norm and from there you can get an idea of whether the person is dominant and aggressive or passive,” says Hoppe.

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