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7 Common Mistakes Young Leaders Often Make but Don’t Have to

With new responsibilities come problems that are new to you but not to everybody

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Three years ago millennials surpassed Gen Xers to become the single largest cohort working in the , according to a study conducted by PEW Research. This means more young people will be assuming positions of  and leadership. As they do, they will probably make the same first-time mistakes that have traditionally plagued new leaders.

The most important trait in becoming a  is keeping an open mind.  who are arrogant will only be able to advance so far until their inability to take feedback or act introspectively catches up with them. They won’t listen to sound advice that open-minded leaders use to better serve the people on their team while advancing your career faster.

As a new leader, begin an introspective process to evaluate your strengths, where you need development and how to avoid making these common rookie mistakes.

1. Failing to view employee training as an ongoing responsibility.

It’s tempting to view employee training as a two- or three-week period during which you bring new hires up to speed as quickly as possible. But in truth, the first few weeks of training simply review the basic information that an employee will need to know to be successful.

Employee training must be an ongoing process through which you provide candid feedback to people on your team and give employees new opportunities to develop themselves professionally.

Yes, initial employee training is an important part of making your organization successful. But training cannot end there. Instead, take a page out of AT&T’s book. The organization continuously trains employees to ensure they have the skills the company needs to succeed in an ever-changing world.

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