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7 Creative Tips For Juggling Work And Family

Source | FastCompany : By David Zax

It’s the eternal career conundrum: how to juggle a high-powered job with raising a family. Over the course of the past year, Fast Company reached out to creative, successful executives to learn how they managed to “have it all”—to the extent that they did. Their strategies for weaving together work and life were as varied as their careers. Here are seven methods that stood out.

Create A “Job Share”

In 1974, when she was 12 years old, Stacy DeBroff lost her parents in a plane crash, a tragedy that gave DeBroff urgency to succeed both in the workplace and as a parent. In the ‘90s, DeBroff founded and led Harvard Law School’s Public Interest Advising Office. She also had two children. DeBroff wanted to drop to part-time work, but didn’t want to lose her position. So she came at her bosses with an idea: Why not split her job between herself and another person? She went in “with bravado, confidence, and a very detailed plan,” and her bosses signed off. She hired a co-director for the office, splitting her salary, and dropped down to about 25 hours a week, freeing up precious time for raising her kids.

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