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7 Effective Ways to Streamline Your HR Process

By | Tracie Johnson | Freelance Writer

As a company, your success will come from your brand or service standing out in the marketplace. That is why it is essential to have an HR department that is efficient and effective. Streamlining specific processes and HR is necessary. Please continue reading to discover seven ways your company can’t streamline its HR processes.

1. Going Paperless

If your office has not gone paperless, there are probably stacks of paper everywhere. There are stacks of paper around; you are likely to have file cabinets and legal boxes bulging with papers. That is why more companies are going paperless or considering themselves a paper-free office.

For HR departments, going paperless can enhance the security of other employees’ personal information. Going paperless will also:

  • Boost confidentiality for employees
  • Keep the company better organized
  • Increase efficiency
  • Reduce cost
  • Give employees easier access to their information
  • Help the company with compliance regulations

2. Utilizing Employee Self Service Portals

Self-service portals, sometimes called ESS (short for employee self-serve) have several benefits. They are portals that employees use with a password to enter, which has information for the employee. In addition to self-serve portals having any training that employees may need, they also have a tab for employee benefits, the number of days an employee has remaining to take off, their hourly pay, and more.

Self-service portals are a great way to communicate with employees. If there has been a company-wide change in any policy, including it in the self-service portal is beneficial to the company and the employee. This is a great way to streamline the HR department.

3. Tracking Time Devices

HR departments have a lot more to do than timekeeping. Therefore installing tracking time devices is a timesaver and beneficial to the HR department. In addition to their being computerized records of time, employees are satisfied that their pay reflects their actual hours worked.

Time clock software has become a big part of companies wishing to automate as much as possible. According to lathem, the software will “Capture, edit and seamlessly integrate your workforce time and attendance data into payroll systems such as ADP, QuickBooks, Paychex, etc., when it is convenient.” Those benefits make time tracking devices a powerful tool to streamline HR processes.

4. Outsourcing

As stated above, there is a lot to do in the HR department. In addition to the hiring process, they oversee employee payroll and tax documents, legal compliance, files and record maintenance, and health benefits administration. Outsourcing is a great way to ensure that some of that is done using experts in the HR field. Some benefits of outsourcing include:

  • It reduces the risk of missing any laws changing
  • There are cost savings to outsourcing
  • There is a higher quality of compliance with outsourcing

5. Investing in Automated Training

As a computer-based society, investing in automated training is a huge benefit to an HR department. It also allows new employees to understand some of the company culture before being thrown into their positions. Automated training also ensures that all employees access the same information about the job and the company.

6. Centralizing HR

To have a centralized HR means that the workers in your HR department will oversee the primary employee management functions. That includes the hiring and firing process, benefits and pay structures, training, and orientation. Some of the great benefits of having a centralized human resources department are:

  • They have a level of expertise in the company
  • There is strategic involvement between HR, management, and employees
  • There is cost-efficiency

7. Standardizing Forms

Regardless of what department you are working in, using standardized forms is a great way to improve the quality of your work. That can be said for the HR department as well. Using standardized forms and processes and HR will yield applicants and employees who are hired based on a level playing field. Using standardized forms will alleviate any applicant feeling that they weren’t given a fair chance and employment.

Some of the other benefits standardize forms include:

  • It perfects customer service because every customer is handled in the same way
  • it boosts employee morale because employees take pride in mastering and refining skills
  • It promotes productivity because employees can go to a document to get a process
  • It guarantees quality because the standard has already been set and must be maintained
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