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7 Essential Services to Consider for Your General Contractor Biz

By | Regina Thomas

We put together a list of 7 essential services that every general contractor should consider. These include services such as plumbers, painters, landscapers, and asphalt installers. The services on this list have become increasingly important for many reasons. Here are the seven essential services for your general contractor business.


It has become increasingly more important as technological advancements have changed how plumbing is done. These advancements, such as robotic digging, allow for much better and faster work. With lower costs in labor and material, plumbing has become much more affordable and cost-effective than in the past. The housing market has also contributed to this increase in the need for plumbers.


Has become increasingly essential because of the housing market and new technology. The housing market has increased the demand for new paint jobs, as well as an increase in home value. Painting is considered one of the least expensive and easiest ways to increase home value in a short amount of time. Paint is also cheaper than ever due to the low labor and material cost. New technology has also made painting easier, allowing individuals with less skill and experience to perform high-quality work quickly.

3. Landscaping

Due to the housing market, the need for landscaping has increased drastically. The housing boom has made many homes more valuable. This increase in value is often amplified with the use of landscaping. A home’s attractiveness can be a major factor in determining value, especially in areas with a lot of changes in the landscape. This has created an enormous demand for skilled landscapers, making landscaping one of the most needed services from general contractors.

4. Asphalt

It has nearly become a necessity for every job that is done in the construction industry. Recently, there has been a large movement towards keeping homes and businesses “green.” That means less use of concrete and gravel and more use of grass and other greener alternatives. This can be incredibly expensive when dealing with people who have worked with asphalt for decades, most of whom have never been trained to be experts in these new asphalt equipment. It’s also very expensive to have a general contractor look for a small business or entrepreneur to do this work without adequate training and experience.


Insulation is incredibly important because it can make your homes and businesses much more energy-efficient, saving you money for years to come. However, most homeowners are not trained in the art of insulation. They can’t get their insulation done correctly, which can lead to serious issues down the road.

6. Handyman Services

The demand for this service has increased dramatically in recent years because of the changing construction landscape. If you are a general contractor, there is a reasonable chance that most of your jobs will be smaller, single-family or apartment-type homes. The typical larger home that gets most of its construction done by a general contractor will have many more issues and repairs than smaller homes. Many of these repairs can be carried out by people with a little more experience in a smaller home, and they can do them quickly at little or no cost.

7. Lighting Installation

Lighting is incredibly important in many different homes and businesses. Without adequate lighting, you can seriously reduce the value of a home by creating a dangerous living environment; this is especially true for areas where children live. Under-lighting can also make a room more uncomfortable to work in, and if it’s dim, it can create an undesirable aesthetic appearance. You can change light bulbs in many different ways, but the most often preferred way is to hire an expert in lighting installation and maintenance.


Hiring a contractor to complete these tasks can not only save you money but can also save you time and increase the feel of a property. It’s also important for you to understand that some of these tasks may need to be completed by people who do not have the required expertise. Some general contractors cannot perform all or even most of these services; therefore, you must ask about them before hiring them.


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