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Over the past month I’ve been working with a variety of vendors to better understand their artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. If you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last year, you might have missed this new wave of marketing hype that threatens to overwhelm us all. Despite some of the overblown comments and ideas from the general population, there truly are some amazing AI capabilities in the marketplace that are worth mentioning. They run the gamut from video interviewing tools to screening and matching applications. This post isn’t an all-inclusive list–just a small sampling of what’s available out there as a sort of guide for those of you looking to take advantage of these new types of tools, listed in no particular order. And if you have a solution you’d like to see added to the mix, be sure to comment on our LinkedIn post so you are on our radar

Restless Bandit

The Restless Bandit system is designed to do one thing really well: resurface qualified candidates that may be buried in your applicant tracking system data. Any recruiting leader knows that over time, the ATS becomes a storehouse for all kinds of junk, including resumes from ten years ago that are irrelevant because they don’t have current data. The system removes duplicate entries from the ATS, pulls in the person’s latest work history data from the web, matches the person against potential openings, emails the most qualified candidates, and follows up with those top candidates by retargeting them across Facebook and Google ads.


Beamery is a recruiting CRM that focuses on building better, more human relationships with candidates through the use of its platform. The system’s AI components (Watson and Sherlock) help prioritize candidates based on qualifications, suggest the best times to reach out to candidates for optimal responsiveness, and trigger automated reminders to get high-quality candidates back on the recruiter’s radar (a common problem when carrying a heavy requisition load). While the system has other capabilities, these are the core elements driven by the AI components.


HiredScore performs automated matching, sourcing, and candidate screening with a special algorithm designed to prevent bias and adverse impact to candidates. One of the unique features of HiredScore is the deep integration to post-hire systems to track performance, retention, etc. for a better feedback loop. All too often talent acquisition vendors stop measuring when someone is hired (or not), but HiredScore continues to measure that person to determine their ultimate contribution to the business.


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