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7 Following Directions Activities You Can Teach Kids To Have An Idea In Engineering Concepts

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Facilitating learning for kids can be a challenge for both educators and learners. The concepts that need to be grasped, from language and instructions, can become overwhelming.

Fortunately, there are creative ways to help children have an idea in engineering concepts, which include the following of instructions. By engaging sensory and muscle memory, kids are more likely to interact with the material in a fun and inquisitive way.

Here are 7 following directions activities you can teach kids to have an idea in engineering concepts.

  1. Printable Activities

There are following directions printable activities that can make learning engineering fun for kids. These can be in the form of colorful printable worksheets, card games, and board games.

When kids are introduced to concepts through following colorful, bright, and engaging instructions, they learn to utilize and develop their sensory skills. Different materials, such as a workbook where kids navigate mazes, are able to facilitate logical and analytical thinking.

Card games with intriguing illustrations, for example, mean kids visually learn concepts and grasp those that spark their interest. These types of games allow the kids to re-enact concepts and situations, encourage muscle memory, making learning engineering concepts fun.

  1. Dance Activities

Physical activities that entail kids to follow instructions are not only a way of facilitating the learning of engineering concepts, but it’s also a teaching style that encourages kids to be physically active.

For instance, if a teacher creates dance moves that explain engineering concepts for the kids to follow, the kids are able to exercise while having fun learning.

Engineering concepts can be included in popular rhymes and songs that the kids will enjoy learning and dancing to.

  1. Singing Activities

Composing songs that include engineering concepts, where the kids sing after the teacher, is an interactive style of learning.

Catchy tunes tend to imprint in kids’ memories while they recite the songs that they learn to each other and to adults in their households. Also, there’s not much effort required in remembering a fun and catchy tune, making remembering of engineering concepts easier for the kids.

  1. Drawing

The traditional style of learning by drawing objects that are placed before the kids is another recommended way of facilitating learning.

Teachers can place an engineering object for the child to trace or copy, then learn to label the item after having seen an illustration of the drawing.

Muscle memory is encouraged through drawing. This means that kids are likely to remember the object, its use, and the name.

According to experts, the right preschool for your child can help them learn a lot of concepts by integrating drawing. It can allow the child to convey everything from their feelings to what they want to do, by drawing.

  1. Building Blocks

Colorful building blocks are intriguing for kids. Teachers can build a product using the blocks and ask the kids to build their versions, having paid attention to the assembling processes.

While building the engineering products, they learn what the item is used for in engineering, why and how it’s utilized, and the names of the items.

  1. Painting

As the teacher, you can paint engineering items and words on a painted board and have the kids follow suit. Kids love getting messy in paint and will be eager to produce a painting that closely resembles the one set for them.

The painting process helps them remember the engineering conversations that were held throughout the session, facilitating muscle memory. You might find that in their playtime, they can effortlessly paint the concepts and items being taught.

  1. Nature Walks

The outdoors is a great teacher for kids. You can be creative and set up engineering scenarios on a nature walk and have the kids take part in your illustrations of these.

As the kids work through the engineering scenarios while appreciating the outdoor setting, you can recite engineering words, meanings, and concepts, and let the kids repeat after you.


It’s important to note that no two children are the same. Children learn at different paces and styles, which is why it’s important to have a combination of teaching styles.

You can teach engineering concepts to kids by combining printable activities, dance, song, drawing, painting, and nature walks. The point is that the kids have fun and grasp engineering concepts in their different abilities by creatively including color, music, and action.

Certain styles have more advantages than others. For instance, kids can take printable activities with them wherever they go. These can be used in the car, in a restaurant, on a play date, or even in the playground. Dancing, singing, painting, and drawing can only take place in designated and convenient spaces.

Creative learning through play and interaction is the best way of learning for kids.

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