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#7 Funny Video – At work


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ZHU – Faded (Trap Remix)
Trap Mix – Run The Trap Every Day [1]

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“Vine Compilation” “funny blog”


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  1. You think this is 'funny'…?….if you do you are not just mentally ill but deranged….Like these idiots you are the sort of people who should be run off sites and never…like anyone who thinks any of this is funny…allowed work…menaces to yourselves and others. The bean brained idiots who make these shows ought to be on a chain gang. Thousands of people are trying to keep workplaces safe and idiot think injury is funny and high-risk skylarking horrendous. How sicko is a place where a woman feels she must top up someone's milk by her own lactation …since 1970 this has become a world of peanuts.

  2. The one at 2.00 about is a fake…she'd not be wearing such knickers soon after pregnancy (although there are other ways of inciting lactation, and as well, could drink her own milk chilled earlier….. There's be no '3 warnings for these idiots…on my sites you'd be immediately removed with one proviso, a site meeting might be called to explain why they are going and unions would almost certainly support the sacking. Unfortunately we don't yet have systems to test babies and strangle them at birth so they never get as far as this idiot behaviour, nor a way of testing people to see whether they should be allowed to have children so every one is put at risk and equally by the dimwit cretins who make these perverted videos….and those who put them on utube.

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