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7 Gifts that Great Leaders Give to Their People


Throughout the year and around the world, various occasions are marked with the giving of gifts. For many, exchanging presents is not merely tradition; it is an outward sign of one’s appreciation for another. Much time, energy, and effort is put into finding the perfect gift. The gift-giving practice often extends to the workplace where leaders give presents to their team members for birthdays, holidays, and work anniversaries.

Far be it from me to squash tradition. By all means, buy your employees gifts, but keep in mind that a few days after they are given, gifts will be but a distant memory.

If you want to give them something that will endure well beyond the day the wrapping are discarded, give them the gift of a great leader.

No, this gift isn’t wrapped in a fancy package. There is no one moment of surprise as the ribbon is untied. This gift is parceled out in small ways, everyday. It won’t break the bank and it goes a long way toward increasing employee engagement.

Here are seven great leader gifts to them:

1.    Give them something to own

You may not be able to give your people an equity stake in the business, but you can let them take ownership over a task, project, process, or client relationship. Great leaders know that ownership breeds commitment. This gift is not blindly given. Instead, much care goes into the selection. It involves assessing the risk, considering capabilities, determine how best to support, coaching as needed, and extending ownership. Allowing your people to own something, often referred to as psychological ownership, goes a long way toward building commitment and engagement.

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