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7 instant ways to find calm when you’re feeling overwhelmed

Mindfulness experts share their tips for instant ways to feel centered if you're overwhelmed or anxious

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Feeling overwhelmed or anxious? You’ve come to the right place.

Whether it’s a culmination of all the stress of 2020, or just one thing that’s causing you to feel tense, there are quick things you can do to feel better.

Eve Lewis Prieto, director of meditation at Headspace, explained to TMRW that when we’re feeling overwhelmed, we are usually so caught up in our own thoughts that we’re unaware of what’s happening around us, how we’re behaving or how our body is feeling.

“In these moments, it can be hard to slow down our thoughts as more and more anxious thoughts come in,” she said. That’s why it’s important to take a moment for yourself to get re-centered and more relaxed.

Below, find seven tips recommended by mindfulness experts to help you feel calm instantly.

1. Do a body scan.

Image: Woman meditating at home
Sit comfortably in a chair or lie down to do a relaxing and restorative body scan.Jamie Grill / Getty Images

One of Prieto’s go-to exercises for restoring some inner peace is what she calls the body scan. “Start by sitting comfortably in a chair or lying down — I prefer to lie down and close my eyes,” she said. “Take a couple of big deep breaths focusing on the lungs filling with air and the body softening as you exhale. Feel the weight of your body pressing down in the seat or the surface and pay attention to the different points of contact. Place your attention at the top of your head and very slowly scan down through each part of your body at an even pace.”

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