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7 Killer Ways To Optimise Store & Increase Traffic

By | Rebecca Siggers | Content Blogger

Whether you own a store, sell online, promote your business on social media, gather customers outside your car, Shopify has covered you for all. With the revenue of $714.3 million in Q2 of 2020 despite the pandemic situation, Shopify is a platform that allows stores to go for eCommerce. Businesses of any size can build their online store through Shopify and beat the drum of revenues loudly. In no time, businesses have started preferred Shopify stores for their eCommerce rather than hiring some random agency to build one for them. Within a flesh of time, Shopify is already popular, say not we but these statistics.

Shopify can change the blueprint of any online business. However, the question is, what makes Shopify stores stand out amid the hundreds & thousands of other e-Stores and websites? The answer is – Shopify SEO. Yes, you read it right. SEO for Shopify tips is what we are going to publish through this guide and help your online business grow into a behemoth sooner. With these seven killer ways to optimise store and increase traffic, you’re surely going to hit the top of your banks this year. Implement each step and discover what wonders Shopify SEO can do for your e-Store.

  1. Build Website Using Shopify Collections

Site structure is the biggest SEO factor as it makes a person stay longer on the website till he turns into a prospect. This is no different in Shopify SEO. The user experience and user interface both works equally important when it comes to optimizing the Shopify stores. When we talk about site structure, we consider everything. The links, the navigation, the user experience, and overall connection your website builds with the visitor.

Shopify allows you to enable automated collections or make your own. Structuring your site with Shopify collections, let them work as hub pages. It links them with all the products of the same nature, like all the content related to one topic is linked to the original topic content.

  1. Write SEO optimized Page & Product Descriptions

Your site must answer to what customers are looking to boost your sales. For online sales, increasing traffic is the only way. And only SEO can help you do it as quickly as adding product descriptions. It’s easy when it’s done. When you write product descriptions, you give a voice to your product itself. For indexing each of your products, writing a description is a must. Before adding product description, run a keyword search and insert those keywords in the product description. Not only will it rank your product but also increase traffic on your website with people finding a product like yours.

  1. Build Links On Your Shopify Store

There is a sure chance for higher ranking on Google if your site’s link has a high domain authority. Now you have built your product pages well, your site structure is awesome, and you’ve already added descriptions, it’s time to focus on link building. Seek for other high authority links to backlink your store’s URL. This way you can increase traffic on your site. Another way to build a high DA link for your Shopify store is to ask bloggers and influencers for brand mentions. A well-known blogger when mentions your store link organically, you won’t believe the traffic that just hit your doors!

  1. Add A Blog Section To Your Shopify Store

The best way for rock-solid SEO is to create a blog. If you want a plethora of traffic on your website, adding a blog to your Shopify store is what you need to do at the earliest. Your blog content can talk about the latest products, how the products help prevent any hazards, a comparative study between a few products, or how to type queries. Let’s understand it with an example. If a user searches, ‘How to prevent my skin from sunburns?’ and your blog speaks about ‘Ten ways you can prevent your skin from sunburns’ you got the deal! Adding a blog supports your products and helps you attract the targeted audience.

  1. Eliminate Duplicate URLs For The Same Page

Say it the biggest issue created by Shopify or a way to optimise store at the same time; duplicate content is the element you would want to hear about. Shopify duplicates content by creating more than one same type of URLs. It may be through product pages or product collections; either way, search engines can’t track the canonical version of your product’s URL. By default, Shopify creates two paths for the same product URL.

(I) path:/wallets/menswallets/

(II) path:/products/wallets/menswallets/

When this happens, Google makes a judgement call and chooses by itself where to direct the search. Most of the time, the duplicate URLs take over the canonical version and land the researchers to similar kinds of products with different variants. Reading and following these instructions, you can change the settings to eliminate duplicate URLs. Not doing so might cause you a serious Shopify SEO loss.

  1. Work On Better Crawling and Indexing

Shopify does not allow adjusting robots.txt and logs files. You cannot alter these files, which means you can’t prevent Google from crawling all over your content. Shopify denies crawling over the policies page, admin area, internal search, checkout orders, and shopping site sections. Instead of worrying a lot, you can alternatively think of controlling Google crawl by changing ‘no follow’ or ‘canonical’ tags. By making changes to the theme. Liquid element of Shopify store, you can add the ‘no-index’ tag which will help you remove any page from the index.

  1. Use Apps That Helps You Enhance Your Shopify Store

Shopify offers several apps with a monthly or one-time fee plan to add extra features and functionality to your online store. lets you compress the larger image and make it suitable for most of the website loading time. Smart SEO app allows you to add meta tags, descriptions, alt tags, and JSON-LD. Yotpo Reviews app is for adding reviews to the products on your store to make it rank higher in SERPs. All these apps aim at magnifying Shopify SEO. Like WordPress plugins, all these apps help to enrich a website and make it optimised.


Shopify SEO is easier than it sounds. You might have guessed how super important SEO is to invite a lot of traffic to your sales. SEO, combined with a user-friendly website and excellent products, will fetch you abundant sales altogether.

Remember one thing – the more you drive your store SEO-optimized, the more you succeed in the digital world!


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