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7 New age tools organizations can use for Product and Process Training

Source | LinkedIn | Sandeep Rambhatla | Startup Founder, Game-Based Learning Designer, Research Scholar & Process Consultant

In my earlier blog, I had written about how organizations can draw up a roadmap for product and process training. You can access the blog here

Some of you wanted me to write more about the new-age tools that one can leverage for product & process training. This blog would explore the tools in detail and what one must keep in mind before choosing one for your organization.

Before I get to the tools, let me briefly discuss the two key determining factors, evidence-centred design, and higher-order skills.

Evidence-centred Design is both a design and evaluation method created by Robert J. Mislevy and collaborators.

According to Shute (2010:139), the ECD process “begins by identifying what should be assessed in terms of knowledge, skills, or other learner attributes. These variables cannot be observed directly, so behaviours and performances that demonstrate these variables need to be identified instead. The next step is determining the types of tasks or situations that would draw out such behaviours or performances.”

Popular exams such as the GRE, GMAT have incorporated ECD into their designs. Managers who are always worried about the ROI of training programs need to turn their attention to training methods that include ECD in their design framework. The skills and proficiency that needs to be imparted or measured are broken into tasks and embedded in the training module. A training module is, therefore, a collection of tasks interwoven to provide a harmonious experience. 

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