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7 No Bullsh*t Ways To Reinvent Yourself

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Before reinventing yourself, it’s worth considering where this desire, or need, came from.

Is this something that you feel is a natural evolution, or does it feel like it’s been dictated by someone else, either personally or professionally?

While we all go through phases of wanting to change things in our lives, it’s important to retain authenticity to who you are.

That might sound like a contradiction to reinvention, but it’s actually the perfect way to ensure you stay true to yourself while still exploring other things available to you and how they make you feel and think differently.

First, let’s delve into what your identity really means and relates to. For a lot of people, identity relates to appearance – how you choose to style your hair, what makeup you choose to wear, how you choose to dress, etc.

Notice the word ‘choose’ here – your identity is something that you’re actively contributing to.

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