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7 of the Most Important Leadership Competencies

By | Louis Carter |

It can be a challenge to lead organizations effectively due to several underlying factors, including changing demographics, resource constraints, precarious jobs, increased pressures for impact and accountability, and more. These things make it vital to understand leadership competencies for the future. Organizations need to put in the work needed to strengthen communities through leaders of tomorrow. These are leaders that demonstrate the following seven key competencies.

1. Co-Creation

Being a leader means being a co-creator. This is the ability to build strong, adaptive and diverse organizations with clear visions, missions and values. You develop relationships and trust with your team members as a means to become more effective and find your own leadership style. If you succeed in this, it is reasonable to assume you’ll see an improvement in employee performance and morale.

Co-creators develop the building blocks needed to form nations, policies, and cultures with and by those they lead. They are the facilitators driving organizations and the catalysts of shared success. According to my friend David Nour, co-creation allows leaders to provide opportunities for the development of great ideas and ultimately take part in the outcomes. In his book, Co-Create: How Your Business Will Profit from Innovative and Strategic Collaboration, he talks about how taking credit for outcomes can be antithetical to the success of teams. Instead sharing successes and failures through strategic collaboration, brings more innovation and profit.

2. Systems Thinking

A systems thinker is a leader who anticipates change, assesses data, and develops strategies. The ability to think logically is a vital component of effective leadership. It helps to establish a solid foundation for the development of leaders. In the Journal of Leadership Education, John Ricketts found a positive relationship between critical thinking ability and leadership effectiveness. Thinking deeply about the secondary effects of your behaviors and actions, brings about a greater self-awareness and ultimately unleashes the productivity of everyone around you. 

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