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7 Powerful Reasons Why Doing Good Can Lead to Great Business

Source |  |  BY:Dolly DaskalPresident and CEO

What happens when you find an ongoing problem and start brainstorming the solution?

Well, maybe you stumble upon a brilliant startup.  And that’s what happened with ResearchConnection, a searchable platform for finding thought-leaders in academia.

Their mission is to allow research to be open and scholars to be accessible to the world at large. They spread knowledge and expertise to those who are seeking solutions to the world’s biggest problems, and to students striving to become the next generation of great thinkers and doers.

They are doing good in the world, and they’ve managed to grow a great business with that goal.  Here are 7 ways their mission is making them successful.

1.  When a company’s drive is about social impact, there’s more energy internally. Social impact is about helping people work together for the greater good. “It’s just a different way to think and talk about a product and a company, and it makes it even more exciting to work long days and tackle bigger projects,” says Ariel Katz, CEO.  “When you know you are helping people, you are inspired.”

2. Magic happens when what you are doing resonates with people.  A great company understands, that it’s not only about making a good product, but that your product and your mission have to speak to the hearts of users.  It’s one thing to buy or sign-up, but it’s another thing to join to join a movement and effect positive change.  Students, researchers, and the public really believe in what Research Connection is doing for academia, and it makes customers excited enough to spread the word.

3. When your mission is strong people trust you.  Trust begins when a company’s mission is focused on making a brighter tomorrow.. Research Connection has been finding allies and partnerships coming out of the woodwork since they took a more vocal stance on how and who they’re helping


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