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7 Simple Ways to Boost Site Traffic and SEO Ranking

By | Sheryl Wright

The internet is such a widely vast and diverse space to use in order to build a loyal community of customers for your business. However, when you look at the scope of businesses with digital footprints, it can be overwhelming to figure out how to make your mark as a business owner. Thankfully, there are quite a few simple ways you can begin to boost site traffic and increase your SEO ranking. Consider the following tips.

1. Use the Right Keywords and Phrases

Google provides tools and programs to help marketers learn which keywords and phrases to use in order to rank higher and faster. If you’re operating a local business, it’s also wise to take advantage of other Google offerings to rank such as Google Local Service Ads. When you find the right keywords, do your best to use them consistently throughout the content on your website. When you update the site with a new blog post, use that keyword in it. The more you use the specific keywords in an authentic yet planned manner, Google will recognize you as a reliable source. This will result in a consistent flow of traffic to your page.

2. Place the Keywords in Strategic Places

As you create new blog posts, don’t solely embed the keywords at the top of the blog post. Instead, naturally insert them in the title, the meta description and throughout the post. To boost your ability to rank, insert the keyword in the saved name of the graphic you use for the post. This will help you to rank in Google Images as well.

3. Consistently Produce New Content on a Subject

If you’re using email marketing, social media marketing or another style of digital promotion, be sure to employ a drip campaign. As you use this type of campaign to methodically showcase information on your brand or a related subject matter, you’ll strengthen your chances of closing a sale.

4. Repurpose Content on Various Social Media Platforms

If you’ve created an incredible blog post, don’t just stop there. Reformat it in order to use it on other platforms. Create an audible version of the blog post so that you can share it as a podcast episode or a YouTube video. While there are many people who love to read, you don’t want to miss out on the people who prefer to listen in order to receive their information.

5. Give Directives to the Audience

Whether you’re connecting with your audience through an email marketing campaign or leaving a caption on a Facebook post, always make sure there is a call-to-action prompt. Your followers should leave your content with specific directives. Whether you want them to click a link in your bio or check out the latest drop from your company’s shop, give clear directives to keep them focused on follow-through.

6. Collaborate Regularly

This process will require some emails, cold calls and networking efforts. However, it’s one of the most reliable ways to provide a consistent boost of traffic to your brand’s website. By collaborating with other brands, content creators and influencers, you’ll introduce your brand to their audience. Whether they have one million followers or 1,500 followers, don’t overlook the power of collaboration. Do a live chat on a social media platform like Instagram or Facebook each week. Have a quick 30-minute chat with a new brand personality in a public forum to get the job done. As you connect, make sure you both share your information in order to keep in touch with each other’s audiences. It might feel vulnerable and nerve-racking at first. However, with consistency, you can really gain traction in this effort.

7. Track the Progress

As you incorporate different strategies, you’ll want to track your progress. Track from the very beginning in order to pinpoint which strategies outperform the others. If traffic is coming from a specific keyword, there are analytics programs you can install to discover this. Something as simple as publishing social media posts late at night might be more effective than posting in the early hours of the morning. Track all of your data to know when sales come in and where they come from. Once you’re clear on the options that perform the best, maximize them.

Know that these tactics won’t manifest results overnight. Give yourself a few months before you opt to throw in the towel on different strategies. However, as you continue to educate yourself, remain consistent and utilize these tactics, you’ll be able to enjoy results in due time.

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