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7 Steps To Put A Narcissist Back In His Place

By | Maria Parker |

Instead of trying to get even with them or trying to turn their lives into a living hell like they did to you, try something different.

Because when dealing with a narcissist, none of these things ever work. They always somehow turn any strategy to their advantage. They always somehow turn the story around and manipulate you into accepting their side.

Narcissists have a false sense of self-worth and a lack of empathy. They can’t understand how you feel, and also they don’t care. They think they are the most important people, and nothing will ever change that.

There is only one thing they want from you. It’s your energy, your capability to make them happy. It’s called a ‘narcissistic supply’ and for as long they are getting it from you, they will stick around.

If you cut the supply, they will move on to the next victim and act as if they have never met you which is something that would make you very happy.

After so much bullying, because narcissists are indeed bullies, the only thing you’d want is for them to leave you alone.

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