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7 TED Talks That Will Help You Be A Better Leader

Source | | Christine Comaford

As a leadership and culture coach, I’m always on the lookout for new inspiration. Learning about other people’s experiences, strategies, and ideas about leadership can generate awesome insight!

Here are some TED talks that “package” what makes great leaders into concise, informative speeches.

1. John Clarkson, “How Should A CEO Lead? A Musical Exploration”

  • In this TED talk, John Clarkson, former CEO of The Boston Consulting Group, creates various musical analogies for strong leadership. He goes through a few comparisons, pointing out what does and doesn’t work with them, before settling on one that makes so much sense, you’ll be surprised you never thought of it. 

2. Simon Sinek, “Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe”

  • Management theorist Simon Sinek affirms that building and creating trust is the foundation of any good leader, but requires a lot of responsibility. In this talk, Sinek breaks down how to cultivate a trusting work environment, and how this environment is crucial to creating strong workers and leaders. It makes a lot of sense… after all, trust and accountability are the cornerstones of strong leadership.

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