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7 Things I’ve Learned By Wearing The Same Things Over And Over Again

By | Courtney Carver |

Wearing the same things over and over again is one way I’ve simplified my life.

On my first book tour, I spoke in 13 different cities. With the exception of one city, I wore the same outfit to every single event. I wore black leggings, a lightweight gray sweater, and black boots. I even wore this outfit during other outings on my trip. I wore the same things over and over again.

Because I am a proud member of the Outfit Repeater’s Club, I can think about things that matter more to me than what I’m wearing or what other people may think about what I’m wearing. Even though I can make many different combinations of outfits with a tiny wardrobe, I usually gravitate towards wearing my favorite things. You probably do the same thing, even if you have lots of different choices.

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