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7 Things Leaders Need To Do To Stay Successful

By Adam Smith

Just the decision of wanting to be a leader is in itself a great thing. As a leader, they have all the capabilities through which they can inspire and change a number of lives to rise up to their full potential.

Leadership can be defined as a learned behaviour that turns unconscious and automatic over time. For instance, a leader can take all the crucial decisions while facing an issue in the time it takes a layman to understand the issue. Successful leadership, across all areas, is actually a proficiency which is learned rather than acquired.

Successful leaders have mastered the art of anticipating business patterns, finding opportunities in difficult situations, being a role model, and overcoming hardships. There are certain things they need to learn, as a leader, to stay successful, let us get familiar with them.

Make Others Feel Safe To Speak Up

Most of the times, the leaders tend to intimidate their juniors and colleagues with their position and the power they hold as soon as they walk in the room. Successful leaders will always make their best efforts to deflect the attention from themselves and encourage others to speak. They will make others feel safe to speak up and share their opinions & suggestions.

Make Business Decisions    


There is no doubt that successful leaders are also good decision makers. They either help the dialogue to empower the colleagues so that they can come down to a strategic conclusion or they choose to do it themselves. They constantly make their best efforts to make things happen – decision-making activities that maintain progress and growth.

A good leader can make good decisions on the basis of the following things –

  • Create a constructive environment – Most of the times, decision making process turns out to be a complicated issue especially when employees are involved or it affects other people. So, a leader successfully builds a constructive environment in which exploring the situation and weighing up varied options are easy.
  • Investigating the situation in detail – Before making a decision, a good leader should always assess the situation thoroughly. As per the situation, a leader should know what can be the consequences.
  • Explore the options – Good leaders should have a good amount of credible alternatives. Then on the basis of these alternatives, they should consider the risk involved and implication of each one.

Communicate Required Expectations

Successful leaders are also great communicators as well; this is especially true when it comes to performance expectations. In doing so, they constantly remind their colleagues and team about the company’s core values and mission.

Good Leaders also know how to communicate employee expectations effectively. And they do successfully through following methods –

  • Keep the conversation alive – They make sure they have a casual conversation on a regular basis, rather than waiting for an annual review. They meet once in a month with their team to discuss the goals and the progress status so that there are no surprises.
  • Know where expectations are required – A good leader will always try and find out where the gaps are – Are they in the work itself? How will a leader talk about it? What are the expectations levied by the organisational culture? A leader should consider this as a checklist.
  • Communicate the expectations at every level – A good leader keeps on reinforcing the expectations consistently. Every moment they spend with an employee should approve that they will give their best and will rise to the expectations.

Challenge The People To Think Differently


Successful leaders are always aware of their colleagues’ and team’s mindsets, their proficiencies, and the areas where they need improvement. On the basis of these details, they challenge their colleagues and team to think and stretch them to reach for more.

These types of leaders really excel in keeping their team and colleagues on their toes, never allowing them to be comfortable and at the same time enabling them with the required tools to grow their knowledge and expertise.

It is simple, if they are not thinking then it means they are not learning new things. If they are not learning, then they are not growing.

Be Accountable To Others 

Successful leaders will always allow their colleagues and team to manage them. However, this does not mean, in any way, that they are allowing others to take control of them, rather becoming accountable to ensure they are proactive to the needs of their colleagues.

Going one step ahead of mentoring and sponsoring the employees, being accountable actually exhibits that a leader is more concerned about the success of its colleagues than just their own.

Learn By Example And Reputation

Leading by example does sound easy, but there are few leaders who can pull this off successfully. Successful leaders will always practice what they preach, they are also wary about their actions. They are well aware of the fact that everybody has eyes on them and therefore they are extremely intuitive about identifying all those who are keeping a close check on their every single move and the thing they say.

Measure And Reward Performance

Great leaders always keep a close check on the business performance and especially those people who are giving their best performance to meet the goals of the company.

They not only review the numbers and measure the performance ROI, but they go ahead and acknowledge the hard work and endeavours. They never take the constant performers for granted and they make sure they are duly rewarded for their efforts.


About Author

Adam Smith is a content writing professional at alwaysreview, an inbound marketing and sales platform that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. Previously, Adam worked as a marketing manager for a tech software startup. He graduated with honors from California University with a dual degree in Business Administration and Creative Writing.

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