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7 Things to Add to Make Your Morning Routine More Productive in 2022

By | John Boitnott | Contributor at and The Motley Fool – Ghost Writer for executives and entrepreneurs

If productivity is what you’re after, then a little self-care will be the biggest step you can take to get more done and feel great while doing it.

Mornings can be hard. If you’re trying to make a transition to a more productive morning routine, there will be inevitably be obstacles and setbacks. Keep in mind that with forming any new habit, making gradual changes over time is more realistic. Those types of changes are more likely to stick. 

Show yourself forgiveness the first time(s) your morning doesn’t go exactly as you had imagined. Consistency and persistence are key in creating a new morning routine, so as long as you wake up the next morning and try again, you’re on the right path.

Here are seven things you can add to your routine to help make your mornings more productive in the new year. 

1. A plan

Creating a plan for your morning the night before will help you actually follow through the next day and is one of the most important ways to make your mornings more productive. You can keep this note in your head, or jot it down on your phone, planner or even just a piece of paper before laying down for the night. 

Try incorporating something you enjoy into your morning plan. Perhaps that is treating yourself to your favorite new coffee blend, food (my favorite right now is overnight oats with protein powder) or time for a morning meditation. Adding something you enjoy to your morning routine is a reward for your efforts and will give you an added boost of motivation to hop out of bed and jumpstart your day.

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