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7 Things You Must Stop Doing if You Want to have a Meaningful Career

By | Ricardo Viana Vargas | Transforming ideas into action – Business Agility – Transformation – Project Execution – Crisis Management

During the past two months, I dedicated time and effort to support young professionals on their first steps on their career with the What Matters video series’ release. As part of my volunteer work, I recorded four episodes about what I learnt during 25 years of a global career. I received great feedback, relevant questions, more than a million views from around the world.

We spoke about what to do to have a fulfilling career in detail. The series is coming to an end, and I want to share my final advice: what we must STOP doing if we’re going to progress.

To achieve both success and fulfilment at work and life, these are the lessons that I share with you from my life.

1. Try to be someone you are not

In a day and age, where you can portray yourself as anyone in the online space, choose to be yourself. You may want to please someone or be part of a specific group, but that garb you put on for some time may be superficial and temporary. Social media networks amplify an image of you that is publicly available to anyone. Every time you click on the send button, the information is out in the universe to those who seek to know you better.

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