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7 Tips for Interviewing and Hiring Seasonal Employees

By | Scott Matthews

There are particular seasons during the year when some companies tend to move faster than other times. These busy periods are mostly during the holidays, and in these cases, it just makes sense to hire temporary staff called seasonal employees to help you out. These seasonal employees can relieve your main employees of the pressure to meet up with the increased customer demand, and help your company out with added hands during this period.

There are, however, certain tips that you must pay attention to during the process of interviewing and hiring seasonal employees:

1. Start your recruit process early

This is one way to ensure you are hiring the best possible applicants. You have a bigger pool to choose from before other companies start to poach them one by one. The holidays might come earlier for you, although that depends on the nature of your work. Either way, you want to ensure that you already have your temporary staff trained and ready for work before the holiday rush begins, so they already fit in perfectly.

The benefits of starting the recruiting process early are that you have the best applicants with you and you have enough time to train them and make them ready to provide the best paper writing services that your clients and customers require from you.

2. Hire your loyal customers if they are interested

If you have customers that have been loyal to your business and have shown interest in being a seasonal employee, then you should jump on the chance to hire them. Firstly, you are reciprocating the loyalty that they have shown you and your business. Secondly, it is easy for them to integrate since they are pretty much familiar with the products that you have, and they are usually is this enthusiasm about them to give you the assignment help that you need.

Because they are around your company and have been a part of it as a loyal customer, they already have an idea of how to sell your products and how to improve them. They also required less training and are more enthusiastic about getting to work.

So, if you are sending out any newsletters to your customer base during the busy period, let them know that you are recruiting seasonal employees, just in case there are one or two essay writers interested in the job.

3. Ask your employees for referrals for the seasonal employee’s positions

Many companies take referrals from their employees to fill the high-end, specialized positions that are usually harder to fill. This is an interesting way for you to use the networking connection and expertise of your current employees to hire part-time workers. If there really is anybody who knows the right people to fill those positions to provide you with the best essay help, then it can only be those who work with you year in and year out. This is because, just like you, your employees want to see your business succeed and they know what it takes. So, they could know the right people to help in the short term.

You can offer a bonus for the employee who refers to someone who gets hired and remains throughout the period. Pass the recruiting message on to your employees and watch them bring in people for you to recruit effortlessly.

4. Your hiring process should be as short as possible

When people apply to become seasonal employees, what some of these applicants want is just to make some little money during the holidays and get some needed work experience. This is especially true if the applicants are students. What some of them want is to boost their resume for the best paper writing service to make it more attractive when they start looking for full-time jobs.  It is not like they are applying to be CEOs, so it does not make any sense to keep them for long periods doing several interviews. This is even more detrimental to you. Apart from the fact that it could make them lose interest in the job and go elsewhere while you lose quality applicants, you are also wasting valuable time which you would have spent being more productive, and you just tire yourself out doing absolutely nothing. 

The hiring and interview process should not be more than 30 minutes max and there is absolutely no need for multiple interviews.

5. Make your training scalable

If you are a company that has to take in a lot of seasonal employees during certain periods, it is important that you make your training scalable. This will ensure that all your new employees are on the same page coming into the team. This might mean carrying out web-based training or different large training sessions. There is no sense in training small groups of employees when there is a large group coming in at the same time.

However, you must make sure that your temporary staff is trained in the same way as your full-time staff. This is especially important for retailers. When the seasonal employees are dealing with your customers, no one gets to know if they are your real staff or just a part-time worker. So, even if just a few of them are not well trained, they could end up building negative impressions and sensing out wrong signals to a large part of your customer base. You can avoid this by training them properly before they start working.

6. Be Precise In Your Communication

Communication is key, they say, and this cannot be any truer. You must ensure that you have the tools in place to inform the seasonal employees of everything they need to know and do during their time working with you. From the moment that you post the job description, be as clear as possible. Let them know if they have to work fixed hours or if their schedules are flexible. If there are certain days they have to show up and days they should not, let them know. Are they going to be working in the evenings or during the weekends? Let there be clarity about their temporary contracts and do not make any promises. While there might be a possibility for some temporary workers to be appointed full-time after the busy schedule, it is best to not mention it or make unnecessary promises to them.

If you offer compensation packages as well, let them know what it is. Let them know about all the benefits they can enjoy as staff (temporary), and if there are not, let them know. Communication is key and clarity is very important.

7. Your permanent employees are still more important

You must ensure that you look after your permanent employees even after you hire seasonal employees. You are not employing the seasonal employees so that they can displace the permanent ones who have been loyal to you. They are only around for a short while, but your permanent employees are the main people that will always be around whether during the busy periods or otherwise. Your permanent employees are more important and should be given preference at all times.


Seasonal employees are only there to fill in temporarily. Although they can become a potential talent pool for you to choose from when you need to fill in future permanent vacant positions if they perform well as temporary staff.

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Scott Matthews is a content writer at papersowl where he’s tasked with the responsibility of providing consistent paper writing services. As a resume writer, he also contributes his professional writer services at other institutions where readers buy custom essay. He is keen to learn every day about various aspects of life and is a lover of good music.

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