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7 Tips On Maintaining Air Conditioning Systems During Summer

By | Rebecca Siggers | Content Blogger

Summer months are characterized by a high ambient temperature, which could harm people who are allergic to heat. So, it is imperative to keep your air conditioning system up and running during the hot days.  A perfect way to maintain an efficient and reliable HVAC system is sticking to simple routine maintenance.  

The reason most air conditioning malfunction is lack of scheduled and regular maintenance. When the air condition system stops working during the summer, it makes everybody in the house uncomfortable.  Carrying out regular maintenance on your HVAC system will enable it to run smoothly through the summer months. Maintaining your air condition system is not an arduous task, and you can easily do it. 

Your comfort is of utmost importance during the summer days. And, a great way to stay comfortable is by keeping your air conditioner functional. Follow these maintenance tips below to keep your HVAC system in an optimum working condition all through the summer. 

Inspect the Filters and Replace It If Need Be

The filter is a vital part of an air conditioning system that you should not overlook. It should be regularly cleaned because it purifies our ambient air.  The filter removes all foreign materials such as dust, allergens, pollens, and debris from the surrounding air. Therefore, you must maintain it properly.   Apart from purifying the air, we breathe in, a clean filter also improves your AC efficiency.  You should change your filter once in three months, or as directed by the manufacturer. 

Remove All Blockages from the Condenser

The condenser can be clogged by foreign materials like vines, debris, and leaves, thereby hindering the proper airflow through the outdoor unit. Consequently, these unwanted materials can make the AC malfunction.  Therefore, it is essential to clear any obstruction that may affect the performance of your Air Conditioner.  Clean the condenser and ensure that it has enough space to breathe.

Check the Electrical Connections Regularly

A lot of people do not check the electrical wirings of their HVAC system.  You will be able to detect any electrical-related issues if you inspect the electrical connections regularly.  The system is likely to develop an electrical fault if it not properly maintained.  If you are not knowledgeable in detecting and solving electrical issues, you should contact a certified electrician to help you out. 

Check If the Ducts Are Leaking

Cool air can escape through a leaking duct, thereby reducing the efficiency of your unit. You should check the duct regularly for leaks and damages. And, if you detect any leakage or damage, you should repair it immediately.  The conditioned air goes to the right place when the duct is appropriately sealed. 

Turn the AC On and See If it is Working Properly.

Before summer, you should turn the AC on and check if it is running smoothly.  You should allow the unit to run for at least 15 minutes to know if it is working correctly. Check for anything odd or unusual in the system.  Some of what you need to check are sound and smell.  Ultimately, you should determine if the Air Conditioner is cooling every part of your home. 

Set Your Thermostat

The thermostat helps you to regulate the temperature of your unit. Setting your thermostat right is essential when it comes to the performance of your unit.  A smart or programmable thermostat is convenient to use and saves energy.  Smart thermostat enables you to program your unit’s working temperature so that it becomes cool and more comfortable when everyone’s around and warmer when there is no one at home. 

Call for an Expert if you detect any Fault.

Most times, the Air conditioning system does not give a warning before it starts to malfunction. Note that your AC needs urgent attention if it fails to cool your room, gives out strange sound, or takes a long time to cool the surrounding air.  You need to call a professional technician capable of diagnosing and fixing any issue related to the HVAC unit.   Failure to invite an expert to fix the problem early might lead to a more severe problem that may be financially demanding. Here are the benefits you derive when you use the services of an expert:

●      It enhances the efficiency of your system.

An efficient HVAC system will cool your ambient air in no time.  The efficiency of your unit can be reduced when there is a buildup of foreign materials around the condenser.  These materials clog the condenser and consequently reduces the efficiency of the system.  You should note that the longer you allow the debris to buildup, the more clogged the unit will be, thereby making your system inefficient.  The disadvantage of an inefficient Air Conditioning unit is that it consumes more energy as it takes a long time to cool your surrounding air.

●      It protects your Product’s warranty.

AC unit comes with a warranty like any other item on the market.  Air Conditioning units usually come with a long-term warranty that will take effect if something goes wrong.  However, it is worth noting that these warranties come with requirements like regular maintenance by qualified personnel. Failure to adhere strictly to these terms could render the warranty void.  Therefore, consulting a licensed technician ensures that your system functions optimally and, at the same time, obeying the warranty’s terms and conditions. 

●      It reduces your energy bill.

Another advantage of consulting an expert technician is that it reduces the money you spend on energy bills.  Bear in mind that your energy consumption increases with the continuous use of the AC. Therefore, the system needs to run efficiently to reduce energy bills. Your unit will efficiently work when you allow a trained technician to carry out routine maintenance on it.  With the right maintenance practices, your Air Conditioner will give you the desired result at minimal expense.  You also need to know that your cooling unit’s longevity depends on the quality of care you give to it. 

●      It prevents small problems from becoming worse.

Like other systems, small issues in your HVAC unit can deteriorate into a more serious one if you don’t fix them on time. You won’t have to deal with a severe issue if you employ a licensed technician to diagnose and fix them before they become worse.  Apart from preventing a big problem, it also saves you time and money that you would have spent on unit replacement or costlier repairs. 


Regular maintenance of your Air Condition unit can make a big difference if you are allergic to heat. Taking care of your system is not a difficult task; all that is required is consistency. With the few tips given above, you will be able to keep your unit running smoothly during the summer. If you are not experienced in fixing AC related issues, do not hesitate to call for an expert to you diagnose and fix all problems that are reducing the efficiency of your Air Conditioner. 

Having a qualified technician service your Air Conditioner comes with several advantages.  Apart from improving the efficiency of the system, it protects the product’s warranty. Other benefits include minimizing energy bills and a reduction in environmental impact.

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