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7 Tips To Salvage Your Career When It’s Not Going The Way You Want

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Is your career not going the way you’d expected? Maybe you were hoping for a promotion, but didn’t receive it. Or maybe you’ve been going on interviews to land that higher-level dream job, but it’s just not happening.

Instead of getting frustrated, now is the time to get analytical and strategic.

Put on your sleuthing hat. What are the requirements for the position you want? Conduct research to find the job description or job postings of similar positions and compare yourself to the requirements. Do you have the right skills, the experience required, the education or certifications necessary?

Analyze the gaps. Where are the areas where you don’t meet the requirements? List these out on paper or electronically so you can see them in front of you. Brainstorm all the possible ways you can overcome these gaps. Are there classes you can take? Could you volunteer to lead projects to gain additional experience? Is there a certification you could earn?


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