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7 Tips to Help You Lose Weight

By | Sarah Kaminski

If losing weight is one of your New Year’s resolutions, you might already be doing a lot to achieve this goal. You also might find you are starting to feel a bit stuck.

Losing weight is a simple process, but it is not an easy one. Here are our seven tips to help you do it sustainably and enjoy the process.

Start with Why

Understanding why you want to lose weight is the best place to start. If you can tie your efforts to a specific motivation, you are more likely to achieve your goals.

Ideally, you’ll think about the ways your life will improve after you lose a bit of weight, as opposed to what your body will look like. When we directly tie weight loss to looking better, we tend to feel low about our current appearance and badger ourselves into getting slimmer. This mindset hinders progress.

Eat Protein with Every Meal

Protein is the body’s building block and is responsible for a lot of important processes. It is also the most satiating macronutrient, so you will feel less hungry when you eat a lot of it.

The simplest way to ensure you get enough protein is to eat some with every meal, including snacks. There are numerous tasty options you can incorporate into your menu.

Move More Every Day

Arguably the healthiest way to lose weight, alongside cutting down your calorie intake, is to move more daily.

This does not mean you need to join the gym or start working out very hard. Just walking every day can do wonders for your weight goals and your overall health.

Find ways to get more movement that you actually enjoy. Dance to your favorite tunes, or have a long, rambling walk every day. Sign up for a fitness class, but only if you actually like the activity. Play a sport with friends.

Try a Supplement

If you’re struggling with your weight, you can also consider adding a supplement or two to your diet. This doesn’t mean you can start eating whatever you want or that you don’t need to mind the quality of the foods you eat. It’s just a way to boost the efforts you’re already making.

Something like the Jacked Factory Burn-XT Fat Burner can be a great way to boost your metabolism and increase your energy levels. You’ll still have to get your daily steps in, but it can help you see results faster.

You can also try protein supplements if you are struggling with eating enough on a daily basis.

Drink More Water

Drinking lots of water will help keep hunger at bay as well as help your body flush out toxins and all the byproducts of metabolism. This will make you feel better and more energized, and it will also support your weight loss goals.

Most of us don’t drink enough water as is, so you will need to form some new habits. You can set a reminder to drink water every 15-ish minutes or so. You can invest in a large water bottle and always have it near you, but even then, you’ll probably still need to remind yourself to take a sip.

Use Smaller Plates

When you eat off large plates, you tend to eat more, as a large plate will look half-empty even with the proper portion size for your weight loss needs.

Eating out of smaller plates and bowls will make the plate look full, so you’ll overcome the psychological issue of “having a semi-empty plate.”

The key is to understand how much you should be eating and to plate up that amount of food. You can fill a larger plate with lots of veggies or use several dishes per meal, for example.

Don’t Push Yourself Too Hard

One of the inadvertent mistakes most people make when trying to lose weight is to be too strict with themselves. They cut out all the foods they love to eat the most, because they believe they are bad. They force themselves to eat things they don’t like. The stress over their progress.

Stress, however, is one of the biggest obstacles to weight loss, as it increases your cortisol levels, and your body isn’t as keen to shed weight. It believes you are trapped in a dangerous situation, so it wants to protect you.

Instead of stressing over your weight and diet, let yourself enjoy the foods you like, within reason. Stick to a calorie goal, and be kind to yourself. The less you berate yourself, the sooner you’ll see results.

Wrapping Up

Start applying these tips slowly, and you’ll notice a difference in your weight loss efforts as well as your energy levels. Don’t rush the process, and trust that what you are doing now will pay off in the long run.

Author Bio:

Sarah Kaminski is a freelance writer and social media marketer. She works with a number of small businesses to build their brands through more engaging marketing and content.

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