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7 Tried-and-True Secrets for a Productive Home Office

By | Tikva Morrow |

The jury is still out on whether employees who work from home or work from an office are more productive, but research from a recent Harvard Business Review article suggests that people who work their same office schedule from home get more done per day. The employees’ explanation? The quiet environment helped their productivity.

What’s more, working from home gives you the freedom to create the space you need to do the work you need to do. At home, you can control (at least most of) the features of your surroundings, while in an office, you’ve pretty much just got your desk to design.

With that in mind, I decided to take a look at the workspaces and work habits of seven DIY, design, and home improvement bloggers. Not only do they work from home, but thanks to their expertise, they know how to create their perfect, concentration-boosting space.

Here are their best productivity tips, which you can replicate and try out in your own workspace. (And, hey, some of this advice might even work at a “real” office!)

1. Think Like a Mouse

…And find the quietest corner of your house. While some people need some background noise to work, others find any noise at all (a barking dog, a noisy air vent, children playing) incredibly disturbing.

For Our Home from Scratch blogger John Gerard, a busy room is the worst place to work. “I’m much more efficient in a quiet, distraction-free space,” he says. “Our home office is far enough away from the television and the play area that, with the doors closed, I can easily work in peace.”

If you feel the same way, make sure that your workspace doesn’t coincide with anyone’s play space. Or, at the very least, choose a room with a door.

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