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7 Types of Apps That Business Need to Perform Complex Tasks Quickly

By | Jamie Waltz

We are already living in an era when mobile apps are simply inseparable from our everyday life. From businesses to everyday lives to studying and learning environments to shopping and almost any innermost recesses of life, all are shaped by mobile apps and mobile user experience. 

Enterprises of all sizes and niches have understood the importance of having a mobile presence long ago, and a vast majority of them already have their branded mobile apps. An increasing number of businesses are finding their footing in the digital arena, thanks to mobile apps. There are certain categories of mobile apps that enjoy more popularity among businesses than the rest. Before we explain these categories, we must share a few words on the key reasons businesses need mobile apps.

  • Boosting Customer Engagement: With mobile apps, businesses can keep their customers constantly engaged. 
  • Real-time Customer Targeting: Mobile apps also help customers with specific customer data about their locations and profile information that can be used to target customers and potential leads in real-time.
  • Understanding Customer Preferences and Pain Points: Mobile apps also allow deeper insights into customer behavior, preferences, and pain points that can be further used in business decision-making. 
  • Product and Service Promotion: Mobile apps work as the direct business channel to promote your product and reach out to your target audience far and wide.
  • Direct Sales and Service Channel: Mobile apps allow businesses to take advantage of the booming mobile commerce and directly sell their products to their customers. 
  • Third-Party Aggregator Service: Mobile app-based third-party aggregator services now allow many businesses to reach out to their customers without taking the pain of app development and maintenance. 
  • Managing Mobile and On-Field Workforce: By using mobile apps now, enterprises can constantly keep in touch, communicate, and collaborate with its remote, mobile, and on-field workforce and ensure optimum productivity. 
  • Branding and Customer Loyalty: With mobile apps, a business can easily boost its branding and customer loyalty. 

Let us now see some of the important categories of mobile apps that most enterprises find invaluable. 

Productivity Apps 

Productivity apps are integral parts of any enterprise environment, and without them, many businesses risk losing a significant level of productivity. Thanks to productivity apps, companies can now easily manage a remote workforce and facilitate easy and smooth collaboration among various departments and employees in various job roles. 

From real-time document access and editing capability to remote collaboration among the team members to organizing digital meetings and conferences to remote troubleshooting and problem solving to streamlined Human Resource management across locations, productivity apps benefit businesses in a multitude of ways. 

On-Demand Apps 

For both individuals and businesses, on-demand apps are increasingly paving the way for increased comfort, ease of shopping, and getting convenient location-based services. For businesses, certain on-demand mobile app-based services are paving the way for time-bound transport facility, on-demand staffing, on-premise food and beverages, and on-demand office supplies. On-demand app developers India are increasingly receiving high demand as these apps have penetrated across all niches and categories. 

Many manufacturing brands and retailers adopt on-demand business models and come with their on-demand mobile apps to market their products directly to the customer’s doorsteps.    

Travel Apps 

Businesses also find travel apps as invaluable components in their business operation. From booking business tour tickets to managing travel schedules, businesses involving frequent business trips find travel apps incredibly important to reduce hassles and improve employee productivity. Thanks to travel apps, senior managers, and all designated employees for business tours can easily manage their ticketing, hotel booking, and travel plans right on their handheld devices.

CRM Apps 

Customer relationship management (CRM) software solutions empowering businesses to manage their customer relations in a streamlined and effortless manner are already coming with their mobile app versions. CRM mobile apps are optimized for easier mobile access and managing reports, customer queries, and stats in a user-friendly manner. 

The modern CRM mobile apps coming with real-time location-based feedback and smooth mobile interactions are facilitating easier collaboration to ensure faster response on customer feedback and generate leads.  

Collaboration Apps 

Collaboration apps that allow employers, employees, and team members to collaborate on projects and documents in real-time play a central part in the software development companies, especially those dealing with a significant number of outsourcing staff or remote workforce. 

Besides helping to boost productivity for the companies and business processes, collaboration apps also ensure a better output with reduced errors. The collaborative engagement of the workforce on different projects helps smooth and streamlined delivery as well. 

Instant Messaging Apps 

The instant messaging apps revolutionized business communication more than anything else. Thanks to these apps, the employees, business leaders, associates, and remote workforce can continuously see the real-time active or inactive status of their counterparts or other team members and communicate accordingly.

Thanks to these instant messaging apps, companies can facilitate smooth communication across the ranks within the company and can reduce the so-called process silos and optimize performance. On the other hand, instant messaging apps also helped many companies deliver fantastic customer service through live chat service using these third-party platforms. Many businesses also integrated their chatbots with these platforms for improved customer service.  


Mobile apps already become key parts of business strategy and business management for most companies. No wonder having a mobile app presence is no longer just a choice for the companies but became an invariable necessity now.

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