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7 Unmistakable Traits Of Highly Influential Leaders

Source | | Todd Nordstrom

“I just can’t seem to get people to truly understand,” she said. “I feel like I’ve tried everything. I tell them they need to be better. I tell them what they need to fix. And, they just don’t respond.” These words came from a woman who was recently promoted. She was now leading a department of nearly eighty people. “I feel like I’m failing.”

I’m a nice a guy. I really am. But, as I spoke to this woman, and inquired about her leadership style, I felt an immediate disconnect between who she was, and who she thought she should be as a boss.

“Let me ask you a question,” I said. “Tell me about the three most influential people in your career.”

She thought for a second, and then began telling me stories about the people who helped her, motivated her, and influenced her to become the person she is today. Her stories were heartfelt and inspiring.

“When my bosses spoke, I listened,” she exclaimed. “Why won’t my employees listen to me?”

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