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7 Ways Introverts Can Become Better Leaders

Introverts tend to be more empathetic, as well as more focused and observant, which are real advantages in leadership


Leadership is not a concept typically associated with introverts, as most people assume extroverts — known for being more social, outgoing and outspoken — are destined to be better organizational leaders and CEOs. This assumption is not entirely correct, however, as introverts can make excellent leaders by leveraging the very traits that define them. They may not always be excellent public speakers or risk-takers, but they can leverage their unique strengths, such as their penchant for listening carefully or being cautious, to become excellent choices for leadership roles.

These seven entrepreneurs share some of the most effective ways introverts can use their innate traits to their advantage in the pursuit of becoming great leaders.

Use your gift of listening.

“My business partner is the extrovert and I am definitely the introvert,” says Nicholas Bull, co-founder of Propaganda Premium E-Liquid, explaining how he and his partner are complementing each other by dividing between them the tasks each are good at. “He can do the media interviews, while I’m good at meeting with staff individually, listening to concerns and collaborating on solutions.”

Bull underlines that as a former employee himself, he is aware of how important it is to be seen and heard by management. This is why he leverages his innate gift of listening when communicating with his staff. “As a boss, you can do that much more effectively in a quiet one-on-one conversation,” he says.

Ensure effective communication.

As opposed to extroverts who tend to think out loud, introverts really take their time to internally craft a very specific and crystal-clear message that will get the job done from the get-go, thinks OneIMS president Solomon Thimothy. 

“That’s why I think that introverts have tremendous leadership potential,” Thimothy explains. In addition to being effective communicators, they can organize the work of the entire team hyper-efficiently and smoothly, which is a great advantage for any business, he says.

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