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7 Ways to Be Sosyal Without Trying Too Hard

Keep it classy, ladies!

By | Charlene J. Owen |

Let’s admit it: a lot of us want to look, feel, and be sosyal. And while it can be hard to be at par with Heart Evangelista or – let’s push it – Duchess Kate Middleton, you can always imbibe the aura of class on a daily basis with these tricks:

1. Get enough sleep.

Sleep may not seem to be related to being sosyal, but think about it – have you ever seen classy women look haggard? Continuous lack of sleep can make you look older than you really are in the long run, so best get yourself at least seven hours of shut-eye every night.

2. Put on the right makeup for you.

And when we say the right makeup, we mean using the proper shades for your skin tone as well as the right formulation that can address oiliness or dryness (or both). It may take a while to find the right products, but testing several and finally getting the one you’re hiyang with will be so worth the investment.

3. Dress appropriately.

Your OOTD doesn’t need to be totally designer. Mix expensive pieces with your favorite ukay-ukay picks to create a look that’s totally your own. Make sure that your clothes fit well, or else you’ll inevitably look sloppy.

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