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7 Ways to Build a Customer-Friendly Contact Center

Source | AMEYO : B Silky Sinha

Companies build contact centers to take care of their customers- to retain the customers they have and acquire new customers to grow their company. Undoubtedly, customer service is the king in a contact center which helps a company achieve the desired bottom line and profit margin. When customers calls are left on hold, kept in a call queue for long, transferred to multiple agents and propelled to provide the basic information again and again, your organization is not only wastes their valuable time but also risks driving apart key customers.

However by making your contact center customer-friendly, many of these common frustrations can be easily avoided and companies can have more satisfied customers. And more satisfied customers means more business. In order to build a customer-friendly contact center, you need the right planning and execution. With access to flexible and innovative contact center solutions, companies can easily offer a quality customer support at a low cost. Implementing the same will give the customers the best experience and also increase the productivity of your contact center to a great extent.

Adopt these 7 simple strategies, irrespective of the size, revenue level or industry of your organization, to build a customer-friendly contact center:

Set up with your Customers in Mind

Deliver a top-notch customer experience by building a solution with your customers in mind.  Design a solution which effectively addresses the requirements of your customers by mapping out their customer journey. Understanding your customers properly and then putting in place your customer experience strategy will definitely work out in your favour, thereby increasing your bottom line. This will help you build a loyal customer base and enhance positive word of mouth. As your contact center plays a critical role in building a positive brand image, it is important that it not just creates a pleasing experience for your customers but exceed their expectations.

Implement Self-Service Automation

Customers want to get the information they need as quickly and easily as possible. By implementinga self-service system, you can allow your customers to access routine information themselves without needing any human intervention. Integrating self-service solutions with interactive options enables organizations to better identify their customers’ concerns (for complex queries) and route them to the correct agent. Customers are simply bothered about getting the necessary help as fast and efficiently as possible, regardless of whether they are talking to an agent or availing a self-service system.


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