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7 Ways To Repurpose Assets For Soft Skills Online Training Material

Who says that honing top talent within your organization has to cost a small fortune? In this article, I share 7 ways to reuse assets you already have for soft skills online training material. Cut costs without compromising high-quality L&D content

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Repurposing Assets For Soft Skills Online Training Material

Many organizations have an online training archive where they house all their outdated or forgotten resources. Like, those retro safety videos or serious games that flopped for one reason or another. But when it’s time to develop new soft skills online training material, their L&D department overlooks these dusty demos, tutorials, and modules. Even though they could help your company cut costs and reduce development time. The question is, where do you even begin? How do you repurpose assets to build soft skills in the workplace and improve employee engagement? Let’s explore 7 ways to recycle, reuse, and reduce your online training budget.

1. Convert Demos Into Bite-Size Skill Builders

You probably have demo videos sitting on the training shelves. They weren’t designed for skills-based online training, but you can still use them to develop in-house talent. For instance, the video clip showcases positive communication skills between two co-workers. Sure, it’s framed by safety policies and protocols. But you can still use a rapid eLearning authoring tool to remove irrelevant scenes and focus on active listening and non-verbal cues. In fact, it’s best to create bite-size skill-building tools that are easily digestible.

2. Break Webinars Into Soft Skill Modules

Most companies record webinars for later viewing. Those who missed the live event don’t miss out on the important discussion points. However, you can also break them into separate modules for your soft skills online training course. Create time stamps, so you know which sections to extract. Then add images, voiceovers, and background audio to enrich the viewing experience. As an example, your original webinar features a 5-minute personal story that highlights the importance of teamwork. Or a quick checklist of ‘essential ingredients’ employees need to build their interpersonal skills. Remove these clips from the live event and add them to your soft skills repository. Better still, develop a script and storyboard before the live event to make repurposing easier. Then you already have the soft skills modules mapped out and know which resources to include.

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