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70 HR Metrics with Examples (Build your own HR Dashboard)

By | Issam Assaf | IT Director / ERP Project Manager | JWICO

Human Resources (HR) manages people — including hiring, on-boarding, performance, firing, off-boarding, benefits, development and compensation. But who manages HR?

Executive oversight of HR is key to cost management, productivity, business development and competitiveness. Regular reporting of HR metrics is a good tool for managing any Human Resources department.

It is often said that

what cannot be measured cannot be managed

It is so true for Human Resources Management. Many a Business & HR Leader feel that the HR function is not able measure its key performances and articulate to the Business on how its strategies, policies & practices impact business. Largely HR Metrics revolve around Head Count, Hiring, Attrition, Training, Payroll.

However there is more than that. Here we present 70 HR Metrics which can help measure and analyse the various HR activities. Besides we are sharing :

  1. HR Dashboard
  2. Annual Human Resources Report
  3. HR Tools

If you need help in the setting up the excel dashboard, please send a message to  Issam Assaf on LinkedIn

About Author

Issam Assaf is the IT Director / ERP Project Manager at JWICO,   Philadelphia University, Jordan. He is a Technically sophisticated and business-savvy management professional with a pioneer career reflecting strong leadership qualifications coupled with “hands on” ERP Implementation, networking and IT infrastructure expertise. Maintain focus on achieving bottom-line results while formulating and implementing advanced technology and business solutions to meet a diversity of needs.

Reprinted with permission & originally published by Issam Assaf at Linked In.

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