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8 Behaviors of the World’s Best Managers


In nearly every dimension of business success, the manager makes the difference. From diversity and inclusion to productivity and retention, the manager plays a singular role in the life of an employee.

In fact, Gallup’s analysis has shown that the quality of a manager accounts for 70% of the variance in team engagement.

And yet most managers learn best management practices based on managers they’ve had (who may have been good or bad) — or based on stereotypes in their head about what “leadership” is.

Learn what makes a great manager from the world’s best managers from some of the world’s most engaged organizations.

Every year, Gallup client organizations that meet the award criteria are invited to apply for the Gallup Exceptional Workplace Award (formerly the Gallup Great Workplace Award). As part of that application process, they are invited to nominate the best manager in their organization for the Gallup Manager of the Year Award.

This summer we sat down with the 2019 Manager of the Year finalists and asked them how they lead, how they navigate change in the workplace and how they developed successful teams. Here are some of the highlights from that roundtable discussion:

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