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8 Best Student Tools for Better Learning in 2022

Check out the 8 best tools for better learning in 2022 that are pretty helpful in achieving your educational goals

By | Pearl Holland

The number of instructional technology tools and apps has skyrocketed. They help in designing learning strategies for students and improving the educational experience. These tools frequently aim to give students an enjoyable and engaging learning experience. They also provide new ways to learn and remember subjects.

Many student tools are available, but several platforms stand out in particular.

8 Best Student Tools for Better Learning in 2022

Below are the 8 best student tools for better learning in 2022:

1.      OneNote

Microsoft offers a free note-taking program called OneNote. OneNote serves as a digital notebook. It enables pupils to maintain an electronic record of all their information. You can make a separate notebook and add notes to each subject or topic. Want to take notes more quickly? Click to take a snapshot of your slide or whiteboard. OneNote will improve the quality of the image to make it easier to read.

Users of OneNote never give up their preferred note-taking method because it allows both handwriting and stylus. Students can record lectures and sync their notes with audio. Additionally, students can password-protect their notes. They can add sticky notes as reminders. Collaborate with other students, edit in real time, and have their notes sync automatically across several devices.

2.      Evernote

The following fantastic note-taking tool for students is Evernote. Students can use Evernote to process handwritten notes and digitize information to add to their Evernote notebooks. The types of letters students can take include text, audio, photographs, video recordings, annotated web page clippings, and more. Evernote simplifies note-taking for students by supporting styluses. It is a broad topic concerning this tool with its extensive features.

All class notes are adequately organized into virtual notebooks via Evernote. Finding documents, PDFs, images, and even handwriting is quick and straightforward with a sophisticated search. Students can easily keep all their notes in one place using Evernote’s great function. It allows you to scan handwritten notes and add them to your online notebook.

3.      Safe Doc

A Chrome plugin called Safe Doc makes it easier for schools to manage Google Workspace for Education (formerly G Suite for Education) capabilities that Google Admin Console lacks. It shields students from objectionable material and stops them from abusing specific features to disrupt classes.

You can use it to prevent students from exchanging forbidden Drive resources with one another. You can block time-wasting games or disruptive activities, block searches for offensive photos, documents, and videos from the internet, and much more.

4.      Prezi

Prezi is a cutting-edge presentation program. You should use it if you find Microsoft PowerPoint too formal or boring. Prezi is a presentation tool that teachers use to create engaging presentations for their pupils. The college lifestyle can be hectic. Thus, it saves a lot of time.

By enabling professors to be present while the content is displayed on the screen simultaneously, Prezi makes it simple to construct presentations and slideshows that students would pay attention to. Teachers may present the material while keeping the human connection with their pupils. That’s something other presenting tools lack, whether live or recorded.

5.      Zoom

To help students learn more efficiently, Zoom offers HD audio and video calls. Zoom offers one-click content sharing, real-time collaboration, annotation, a digital whiteboard solution, and more, thanks to its extensive collaborative capabilities. The ability to record lectures and transcriptions is a fantastic feature. It enables students to take the course with them and learn at their own pace.

Video breakout rooms, group chats, polls, and multi-sharing are a few more fascinating Zoom features. Teachers can generate and repurpose video information into digestible videos to improve learning. Zoom also offers hardware items to improve the classroom environment. And it integrates technology with knowledge.

6.      Microsoft PowerPoint

You have probably heard of Microsoft’s PowerPoint presentation software. PowerPoint has been around since the advent of the internet. It is still the system of choice for slides and presentations worldwide. The slide designer in PowerPoint is simple to use and straightforward.

To unleash their creativity, students can add images, text, fonts, and 3D objects to their slides. Students can create presentations with Microsoft PowerPoint utilizing a pen, touch, or even their voice in addition to a mouse or trackpad. Additionally, the Presenter Coach allows students to practice speaking while receiving AI-powered feedback on their speech’s pace, word choice, and other aspects.

7.      elink

Our preferred platform for material curation is elink, which was named the best website for teaching and learning by the AASL (American Association of School Librarians). Elink can be used by teachers and students to curate content. Share it, and make learning engaging and interactive. With the help of this handy tool, you may create lesson plans.  Book suggestions, resource pages, staff updates, and more can also be created.

Teachers always look for new ways to integrate technology into the classroom by researching the most effective teaching strategies. They can create reading lists, prepare lessons, and gather digital resources to engage their students. It is easy to find the best online content. Present it in a visually appealing manner for improved learning with elink.

8.      EVERFI

EVERFI, which started as a website that provided free financial literacy courses to students, has since broadened the scope of its course offerings to include career exploration (including an approach that focuses specifically on STEM careers), social and emotional learning, diversity and inclusion, and health and wellness. Their most recent additions include classes in data science, banking fraud, compassion, and empathy.

The classes are gamified, which keeps students interested by placing them in realistic situations where they must make decisions based on the principles they are learning. This application is perfect for remote and hybrid learning. It provides teachers with analytics on student involvement and performance.


Take a look at these beneficial resources for more significant learning in 2022, and give your best effort. You can make the most of it and take your educational journey to the next level.

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