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8 Common Qualities of Out-Standing Teachers

Source | Linkedin | Jaspal Sidhu | Founder and Chairman at SIS Group of Schools. Instagram : founder_sis

It’s about making connections

Endeavours to improve student outcomes often depend on two things; the student’s effort and the quality of the teacher. To get a student to put in the maximum effort to achieve his/her potential, a teacher needs to make a connection with the student, and to make that all-important connection, the teacher really needs to have out-standing qualities.

Making Connections

8 common qualities of out-standing teachers

While there are and will always be many theories, academic writings, view-points and witnesses to the qualities of an out-standing teacher, after more than 20 years in the education sector and meeting hundreds of school leaders, teachers, parents and students from all over the world, I have found that the out-standing teachers I have met and those that have been highlighted to me have 8 common qualities that make them stand out in their profession. These qualities have allowed the teachers to make connections with their students and have effectively changed the lives of their students.

These are the qualities that SIS must endeavour to seek, enhance and amplify in our teachers.

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