8 Creative and Impactful Ideas for Startups to Recognize their Employees

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Startups today are the most happening places to work for young professionals, primarily due to the learning and growth opportunities; and the exposure to new technologies and business models. However, working in a startup can be stressful too, with its dynamic goals, unclear roles, and overall chaos. Hence, startups need to create a positive work culture where employees are recognized for their achievements and motivated to perform at higher levels despite challenges. Many startups do not invest in employee recognition programs citing lack of resources and low budgets.  To bust that myth we have put together 8 creative and impactful ideas for startups to recognize their employees. These ideas are easy to implement, are inexpensive, can be personalized and can work well even in a virtual work environment. Here goes:

1. Video Message from the Top Boss

A personal video call or video message from the CEO or one of the Co-Founders appreciating an achievement or performance can work wonders for the motivation of any startup employee. Coming from the top boss himself or herself can be a huge confidence booster for the employee. It can also create a personal connection between the top management and the high performers who are being recognized.

2. Favorite Meal Home-delivered

Another idea to recognize employees for their achievements would be to get their favourite meal delivered to their homes. It could be anything from a great breakfast pack, pizza, mouth-watering desserts, healthy snacks, or even a game-night meal combo. Obviously, the organizer needs to know the food preferences of the employee, either directly or through the supervisor or coworkers. Since employees in startups tend to spend a lot of time together at work and outside work, this might not be such a difficult piece of information to gather.  

3. Team Shout-out Video

Nothing works better than a team video that captures different team members appreciating a coworker on camera for a specific achievement. Video clips of individual team members can be compiled using video editing software such as Spark or Openshot; possibly with some background music and special effects. The video can be shared over email, WhatsApp or played during a team meeting via web conferencing. This form of recognition certainly has a lot of social value.

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