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8 Easy-to-Miss Signs Your Workplace Is Toxic

You know a toxic workplace when you see it. Unless you're not seeing it

Source | | Scott Mautz

Anyone can spot the obvious signs of a toxic workplace –appreciation is absent, accountability is elusive at best, a raving lunatic of a boss, everyone’s on LinkedIn during work. But what if the signs of toxicity are more subtle? Might you be leading, working in, or about to enter an environment that is quietly rotting from the inside?

Leaders need to be able to spot toxic undertones of a workplace, so they can address them (unless they’re what makes it toxic). Employees need to be able to identify a corrosive environment, so they can avoid or leave it, or know how to contribute to solutions to fix it.

I’ve experienced enough workplace environments over a 30-plus-year career and interviewed enough uninspired employees (in doing research for Find the Fire) to know how to spot even the quieter signs of not-so-great cultures. Watch out for these eight  symptoms, so you know what you’re getting yourself into, or what you need to get out of.

1. You find out people’s true thoughts in the meeting after the meeting.

This used to drive me nuts. You’d be in a meeting where a decision had to be made or something important was on the agenda. No one would say much, or they’d say a lot of nothing.

Then came the meeting after the meeting, where several people at the prior meeting huddled to talk about what they really thought, or to bash the decision they never spoke up about in the earlier meeting.

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