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8 Great Jobs for Former Teachers

By | Kimberli Lowe-MacAuley |

Are you a former teacher wondering what career options are available to you now? If so, you’re in a great position to find a new career, either within the education industry or outside of it. Your degree and the professional skills you gained during your career set you up to be an excellent fit for all sorts of new positions.

Teachers leave their classroom careers with a wide range of transferrable skills, from outstanding organizational skills to excellent communication and top-notch leadership skills. Taking some time to consider what you love most and what you’d like to change about your teaching role will help to ensure that your next career is a terrific fit for you.

Second Careers for Teachers

If you enjoy working with youth, it’s easy to transition into support roles throughout the education system. Often, you won’t need any additional certifications, and recruiters will highly regard your credentials.

Alternatively, if you’re interested in working outside the education system, you can parlay your leadership and organization skills into a fantastic professional career. We have a sample of options to get your creative brainstorming started.

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