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8 Guaranteed Tips to Increase Your Instagram Following

By | Adeel Nazir

Brands utilize Instagram to get reach on their posts, increase conversions, and gain an Instagram audience. These are some of the key parts of their social media presence for a brand. If your Instagram presence is not as strong as you would like, you should consider how to fine-tune your strategy. Engaging with users and creating unique experiences for them becomes more accessible as your audience grows.

The Instagram algorithm periodically updates to filter out low-quality accounts, as we say, paid accounts, so you should not rely on such sites to buy followers and likes. In the case of having an Instagram following but not using it to get customers, then this is all pointless. You should need focus on ways to get reach on your posts. The more people visit your page, the more customers we will have.

Follow these tips to Grow your Instagram Presence

1.      Instagram Profile Optimization

To grow your Instagram account, you also need a great Instagram profile. The following elements are included, usernames must be unique, and an optimized Instagram Bio. The bio should contain a link that can be used as a CTA. And the aesthetics of the Instagram feed as a whole

For a user to see value in your profile, you need all of these elements to work together. To avoid buying Instagram followers, optimize your Instagram profile to gain Instagram real followers. 

2.      Utilize User-Generated Content

Getting more Instagram followers and engagement is easy with user-generated content. You can boost Instagram growth by leveraging user-generated content (UGC). Your online visibility and awareness can significantly increase, and you are more likely to get an Instagram audience if you nail this strategy.

Want to start a UGC campaign of your own?

You can ask your customers or followers to use your hashtag when they post your product pictures. As a result, customer reviews will feature on your account in the tagged section. Among the companies that excel at this is Lush. Customer photos are published on their account as part of customer recommendations. Instagram is an excellent tool for gaining the trust of potential customers and followers by publishing pictures of people or followers using your product.

3.      Collaborate With Influencers

Growing your Instagram audience with partnerships and influencer marketing is a great start. In addition to expanding your audience, partnering with influencers can also increase engagement. Your engagement doesn’t need to be boosted by a big celebrity.

Find out who your followers follow, and look at their expanded networks—partner with micro-influencers interested in your product or service. Partner with the influencers producing content in your niche and match your brand’s guidelines. As a result, your content will show up to a wider audience, and you will grow your Instagram audience Consider giving them access to your account by involving them in a takeover. Your content can be engaged with new followers using this strategy.

4.      Take advantage of Instagram Stories

You can post pictures and short videos on your stories to keep your followers engaged. You can share clips about your brand that are less polished, lighthearted, and candid this way. Following your brand’s Story can increase interest and loyalty; as a result, you gain an Instagram audience You can even encourage viewer interaction with polls or comments.

With over 400 million users watching Instagram Stories daily, the potential audience is enormous! Authenticity is key. It’s okay to laugh at the mistakes in Instagram stories, even though they shouldn’t be perfect. By being authentic, you’ll gain a greater audience appreciation.

Instagram story highlights are used to save your stories for a lifetime. So you should show your all-time best content there so new followers can better sense your business and Instagram.

5.      Geotags And Hashtags Are Useful Tools

Using hashtags and geotags will feature your post on Explore page. So more people will get to know about your profile presence. If you are using hashtags or geotags, make sure they are relevant. Most of them are likely to be irrelevant if you use too many. Despite fewer posts, niche hashtags can still be worth considering. It is best to choose 5-8 hashtags that fit your subject and business. 

6.      Strategize Your Hashtags

Instagram relies heavily on hashtags. An effective hashtag strategy will help you reach more people with your content. Consequently, instead of using many broad and general hashtags, make sure you focus on a few very targeted, specific ones. It will result in your content showing up in the hashtag feeds of your target audience, leading you to have active Instagram followers

7.      Using CTAs

Customers can ask for deals via message. Besides persuading people to act, successful CTAs explain what they need to do, how they should act, and when they need to act.

You can ask your followers various questions, such as questions about the picture you uploaded or links in your bio to take them to your desired destination. If you have a small Instagram account or are worried you won’t receive a response, send it anyway. Including calls to action in your content establishes you as an authority.

8.      Creating Instagram Reels

Instagram has been obsessed with Reels (the rival format to TikTok). Reels are prioritized on the Explore page by the Instagram algorithm. A dedicated tab is also available in the app for these short videos. Reels are displayed in an endless feed according to users’ tastes and interests, based on an algorithm. Using Reels gives you the unique opportunity to reach users who don’t already follow your account. Instagram’s effort is to make Reels more visible to as many users as possible, increasing your count of Instagram audience.


To get ahead of others as the digital marketing network grows, you must understand how the Instagram algorithm works. To create an Instagram post strategy that plays into the hands of the Instagram algorithm, you must understand what the algorithm looks if you want to grow on Instagram and have an Instagram audience.

Author Bio:

Adeel Nazir is a professional writer with an immense passion for social media and content marketing. He believes in delivering value and kindness to his connections and clients. With his content, he has helped multiple brands reach their marketing goals.


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