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8 habits that make someone a truly dependable person

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Dependable people are hard to find.

Trustworthiness and reliability are about far more than being “nice” or helpful. They’re about consistency and following through on promises and commitments. 

Here are the top habits that make someone a truly dependable person.

1. Under-promising, over-delivering

First up in the habits that make someone a truly dependable person is the practice of under-promising and over-delivering. 

Truly dependable people don’t try to convince you they’re dependable. 

They don’t drop constant promises and vows about what they “will” or “would” do. 

Those who tend to make lots of promises have a bad reputation for a reason: think of sleazy Hollywood casting agents, financial gurus or spiritual teachers who are constantly promising to change your life, make you wealthy or get you the recognition you deserve. 

Those people tend to be predators. They use their words as a lure, rather than an actual truthful statement. 

Truly dependable people don’t focus on talking about what they’ll do. 

They say what they are going to do and then actually do it. 

This brings me to point two about the nature of reliable folks: 

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