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8 mistakes that can ruin your video job interview

Doing interviews from the comfort of your home may seem easier than doing them in person. But video interviews hold their own pitfalls

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Video interviews are now the norm during the hiring process. Gartner research found that 86% of companies used video interviews during the pandemic. As remote work expands, this shift may continue for some time.

So, it’s more important than ever to know the nuances of acing your video interview. Of course, you still need to do typical interview preparation—research the company, anticipate the questions you’ll be asked, etc. But being ready for your close-up now requires new skills and concerns. Here are some of the biggest mistakes people make, according to experts.


Nothing will bring your interview to a screeching halt faster than being unfamiliar with the technology and having operating glitches, says Annie Lin, vice president of people for Lever, a talent relationship management platform. Make sure you know the platform that will be used for the interview and, if possible, enlist a friend or family member to do a practice session with you so you’re comfortable with the platform’s features.


You know you need to check how your space looks in the interview. But don’t assume that it looks the same from one interview to another. “Turn on the camera and see what shows up on the screen. If there is a trashcan or a messy bookshelf, clean it up,” says body language expert Patti Wood, who coaches people for video interviews. Wood says it’s also a good idea simplify your background. Remove anything that might be distracting or off-putting. It is okay to have some interesting art or something that may spark conversation in the background, though.

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