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8 Personality Traits of Successful Hires

Source | LinkedIn : By Elizabeth Grace Becker

With many positions receiving hundreds of qualified applicants, narrowing down the pool of applicants can be a challenge. Although skills are important, making the right match to your company culture is also critical for long-term retention. Here are 8 personality traits you should look for in interviews to make sure your next hire is the best one.


Professionalism encompasses more than just how a candidate dresses to an interview, it’s their total persona. Do they slouch in their chair, answer questions with brief replies or show up too early or too late? How do they communicate? Professionalism requires conscious effort every time and candidates that display professionalism at the interview stage are likely to deal professionally with their peers, bosses and even your customers long after they are hired.


It’s important to look for candidates that are not only passionate about the potential role, but are also excited about your company. Demonstrating enthusiasm by researching your brand and having a strong interest in what you do translates to a good employee. Lack of enthusiasm at the interview stage will likely make for a hire that lacks a real interest in the business. This may translate into a flight risk if the only reason they join you is for the pay and benefits.

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