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8 Powerful Phrases Leaders Need to Say in a Time of Crisis

Harness the power of communication to lead during the darkest times

Source | | Josh Steimle

Does this quote accurately reflect the current state of affairs during the global crisis and economic shutdown?

“…by all accounts, this recession is the severest since the Great Depression. The wave of bad economic news is eroding confidence and buying power, driving consumers to adjust their behavior in fundamental and perhaps permanent ways.”

That could have been written yesterday, but it’s actually from a 2009 article in Harvard Business Review entitled How to Market in a Downturn.

As an entrepreneur, I experienced firsthand the economic fallout after the dot-com crash in the late nineties as well as the downturns after the terrorist attacks of 9-11 and the real estate and banking crisis of 2008. However, I’ve never seen anything like what we’re currently experiencing.

It’s at times like these that leadership is needed more than ever. Here are eight powerful messages of hope entrepreneurs can communicate to employees, customers, and partners as we weather this global pandemic:

1. You are understood.

Your team, customers, and partners want to know you are aware of and empathetic to their worries. They want to know that you believe their concerns are valid.

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